Oracle SQL Developer unable to find Java Virtual Machine



Here’s my PC environment :
  1. Database : Oracle 11g
  2. OS Platform : Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits
  3. JDK : 1.6 .0_24, 64 bits
When I click on the Oracle SQL developer, it prompts me to key in the JDK folder. However, after I specified the JDK folder, it prompts me following error dialog box :
"Unable to find Java Virtual Machine. To point to a location of a Java Virtual Machine...."


The Oracle SQL developer is NOT supported on 64 bits JDK . To solve it, install a 32 bits / x86 JDK and update your SQL developer config file, so that it points to the 32 bits JDK.
Edit the “sqldeveloper.conf“, which can be found under “{ORACLE_HOME}\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin\ sqldeveloper.conf“, make sure “SetJavaHome” is pointing to your 32 bits JDK.
For example, “SetJavaHome C:\Program Files (x86) \Java\jdk1.6.0_13“.

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